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cirkBijeloZlato cirkBijeloZlato-2 cirkBijeloZlato-3
Zircons on white gold
Code: DT-cirkBijeloZlato
krutaOgrlicaZutoZlato krutaOgrlicaZutoZlato-2 trisZlatneNarukvice-1
Solid yellow gold necklace
A solid yellow gold necklace where you can change the pendants as you wish and need. This white gold pendant is 14 k.
Code: DT-krutaOgrlicaZutoZlato
nakitMarttellatoZlato nakitMarttellatoZlato-2
Jewelery Marttellato
Particularly interesting is the practical combination of gold jewelery treated in the so-called Marttellato technique.
Code: DT-nakitMarttellatoZlato
nausniceOgrlicaZlato-1 nausniceOgrlicaZlato-2
Earrings and gold necklaces
Necklace cable with double-sided pendant in yellow, white gold mat and shiny side.
Code: DT-nausniceOgrlicaZlato
ogrliceNarZutoBijeloZlato ogrliceNarZutoBijeloZlato-2
Necklaces and bracelets of yellow and white gold 14k
Necklaces and bracelets of yellow and white gold 14k. They can be purchased with a bracelet or separately.
Code: DT-ogrliceNarZutoBijeloZlato
ogrliceZutoBijeloZlato-1 ogrliceZutoBijeloZlato ogrliceZutoBijeloZlato-2 ogrliceZutoBijeloZlato-3
Necklace and bracelet set 14k
Necklace and bracelet set in combination with yellow and white gold 14k.
Code: DT-ogrliceZutoBijeloZlato
privjZlatoBagetCirkNaus-1 privjZlatoBagetCirkNaus-2 privjZlatoBagetCirkNaus-3
Baguette zircons on white gold
The heart pendant is full of sliced Baguette zircons. Complete with earrings or separately.
Code: DT-privjZlatoBagetCirk
prstenBijeloZlatoMatKomp prstenBijeloZlatoMatKomp-2 prstenBijeloZlatoMatKomp-3
A set, white gold mat rings
The ring can be beautifully combined with various jewelry styles of white gold 14k
Code: DT-prstenBijeloZlatoMatKomp
Mat Technique
Gold in Mat Technique.
Code: DT-matTehnikaZlato
The men's bracelet is yellow, white gold
Men's natural rubber caoutchouc bracelet combined with yellow white gold.
Code: DT-muskaNarukvicaZlato
Bracelet mat white gold
The 14k white gold bracelet has a special technology matte-shiny effect.
Code: DT-narBijeloZlato
Link Bracelet
Link Bracelet 14K White Gold
Code: DT-narBijeloZlato2


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